There is something fresh coming.  A band project called
«New Popshop» – the name of the band is not definitiv yet.
It's a combination of electronic sounds, beats and keyboards (Martin Akeret), sneaky guitars (Alessandro Maranta) and splendid vocals (Marianna Pisano).  Watch their very first live performance here (showcase at Perron 9, Zürich).


The following work «THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US» was also released with Raygun. Due to the good feedback, Popshop was invited for two live shows to Montréal (Canada) in 2004.
Because of the closing of the German labels Martin was forced
to make a change in 2007: «NEW BONES» appeared on the
Swiss Alpinechic label followed by the Vinyl EP «Plaisir Noir» on Stattmusik (2008) and accompanied by a special highlight: 
The famous UK act Zoot Woman engages Popshop as their tour support for the Swiss gigs. Finally, «A WARM PLACE WITHOUT MEMORY» was another Popshop album with the awesome video clip of «Basic Life Support» which was selected for the best of
at «CH-Filmszene» on television SF1.
With the current work «VISUAL HEART BLOOD» Martin went new steps in 2013: He was collecting all the fancy video clips, making of films and trailers of the past years. The result was the release of a beautiful DVD/CD digipac album, distributed by Timezone Records, Germany. In these days, Martin has builded a very new band project with electronics, guitars and vocals.


POPSHOP aka Martin Akeret was born in 1975 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Martin has been studying classic piano and jazz piano for a few years. In the year of 1992 he left conventional music and discovered the possibilities of electronic music. He made first steps as co-producer before he started his own label Poetenpop Records in 1997. From then he released his music using aliases such as Gary Rich, Drama or Drama Martini.
In 2001, after an intensive and hard work, he produced his  important album «My FRIEND FRIGO LP». This record was loved
by the press and the public in the same way. Now the Popshop-«Trademark» was born: A new mixture between «futuristic detroit techno» and «electronic advanced pop». A kind of music which doesn't just fit in one category because it's a mix of many different styles like electro, pop, house, digital funk, techno, post wave and indie.
Oliver Kapp, head of Indulge/Raygun (Hamburg) signed Popshop for his album «SALON BIZARRE». The album received a few N°1-Chart-Features in Germany, namely in De:Bug and in Groove.


Upcoming shows:
21.11.2015 | CH-Zürich, MFO Dach | BalconyTV Zürich
12.03.2016 | A-Dornbirn | Conrad Sohm

Latest show (with new band):
23.09.2015 | CH-Zürich, Perron 9 | BalconyTV Zürich, 1st Party
Here you can see the latest pictures from selected live shows, studio or outdoor photo shootings and behind the scenes activities.
In the past years I worked with the photographers and film makers Christian Clavadetscher, Jorge de la Fuente and Claudius Daum.


Popshop – The Music Saved Her Life (Official)
Popshop – TheY TALK TOO MUCH (Official)
Popshop – SHAPE AND SHADOW (Official)
Popshop – Basic Life Support (Official)
Popshop – TOO MANY FACES (Official)
Popshop – STUPID THINGS (Official)
Popshop – ROLE MODEL (Official)
Popshop – CONNECTION/LOST (Official)


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